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Alpex Ceylon Tea (Pvt) Ltd. is a fast growing premium quality Ceylon Tea producer and exporter based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. As a diversified entity of the Alpex group, Alpex Ceylon Tea is known in the international Ceylon Tea market for its commitment to quality, efficient customer service and the continuous innovation.

About Us


We are committed to collecting & supplying pure Ceylon tea products and has put in place the industry specific quality testing & quality assurance process with the assistance of authorized bodies & experienced professionals.


Using the state of the art manufacturing machineries and the service of the graphic & marketing professionals, we are capable of providing complete branding & packaging services as per the customer requirements.


The company is fully equipped with the technology, manpower, packaging & shipment to successfully meet the demand and quality standards in the global tea market.



We have venture out to such markets as Japan, Taiwan, CIS countries and EU countries with our premium tea products, efficient delivery and exceptional customer service.

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Ceylon Tea Products

Our Featured Products

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Alepx tea brands

Alpex Red and Alpex Yellow

Brand Alpex consist of 'Alpex red series' & 'Alpex Yellow series' targeting different market segments. The premium Ceylon Tea contained in Alpex Red series has been carefully chosen from tea gardens targeting the premium market and included with this set are double chamber enclosed tea bags. Alpex Yellow Series contain with a superior blend targeting the mass market and with this set are single chamber tea bags. For the convenience of the customers, our SKUs come in 25 TB and 100 TB

Alepx tea brands

Antoine Tea

 Antoine Tea is an exquisite blend specially arranged for the gulf and African region countries. To ensure that every consumer is satisfied, there are eight different flavors. Customers have the option of 25TB or 100TB packages. Products are a collection of single chamber paper envelop tea bags.

Alepx tea brands

Bently & Crompton Tea

B & C is the oldest brand owned by Alpex Ceylon Tea. The brand consists of various collections namely Tisane Collection, Regional tea collection, Foil Tea Bag Collection, Loose leaf tea collection. Brand offers a wide range of selection including Pyramid Tea Bags, Double Chamber Enveloped Tea Bags, String and Tag Tea Bags, and Loose Leaf Tea.