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About Alpex Ceylon Tea

Alpex Ceylon Tea situated in the heart city - Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a member company of Alpex group since 2017 being a pioneer tea company in exporting & manufacturing Ceylon tea worldwide.

Within a short period of time, Alpex Tea. Pvt. Ltd has earned a stellar reputation as a producer and exporter of the finest quality Sri Lankan teas. Our greatest passion and commitment is to provide tea-lovers throughout the globe with an exclusive garden-fresh 'cuppa' that will provide a complete Organoleptic experience that will replenish and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

We are able to supply Black tea, Green tea, Herbal Tea/ Tisane, Designer tea, White tea, Fruit tea in a wide variety of enticing packaging options to meet your needs.


To become a world-renowned brand which create opportunities for people to experience different tastes by implementing best products for people and the planet


We aspire to achieve business excellence through quality, service and consistency to benefit all stakeholders


To expand the market for Ceylon tea in the World and thereby making a significant contribution to the economic growth of Sri Lanka.


As a new player to the tea industry, Alpex Ceylon Tea (Pvt) Ltd has positioned itself strategically in the competitive market attracting a sizable global customer base.



We conduct our business activities in accordance with the regulatory and ethical standards and keep our transactions transparent.



We are committed to finding creative & innovative products & solutions to the stay current & competitive in the industry.




Building & sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships with nation and international level parties for improved service and strategic advantages.



We maintain our standards in accordance with international food safety standards such as ISO and HACCP.


As a new player to the tea industry, Alpex Ceylon Tea (Pvt) Ltd has positioned itself strategically in the competitive market attracting a sizable global customer base.



Alpex Ceylon Tea (Pvt) Ltd is a diversified entity of the Apex Group of companies operating in sectors like seafood export, construction etc which made us a reliable and trusted brand in the market.



Fully automated state of the art Italian technology to testing and packaging of tea ensuring the quality, hygiene and long term storage of the tea products. We are capable of producing the staple-less tea bags and air-tight tea packages for our customers.



We have attracted the service of qualified & experienced professions in the tea processing and testing industry to meet the highest quality standards of the industry.



We have venture out to such markets as Japan, Taiwan, CIS countries and EU countries with our premium tea products, efficient delivery and exceptional customer service.

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Alpex Tea Technology

We have a state-of-the-art production facility with the latest machinery to cater to a wide range of packaging from bulk to tea bag form offering both -with and without envelope, pyramid tea bags, packeted tea range.

We also offer private label service (OEM) and currently co pack for some of the biggest private label brands in the world.

Our products are certified under ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, and the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring customers more confidence in the products and services we offer. Also currently undergoing procedures to obtain US/EU organic certifications to enhance the quality of our products.

Our experienced and committed staff will ensure the highest quality is Maintained at all times. We are fully committed to offering 100% quality and value to our customers and will never compromise on our quality standards.

Quality and Sustainability

We make a conscientious effort to diligently search for high quality produce from gardens that followed good agricultural and manufacturing practices, adhering to sustainable development without causing any harm to the biodiversity, environment and society. With the increasing importance of tea as a health beverage, our aim is to become a provider to connoisseurs and attract the growing newcomers to the wonderful world of tea.

We are very concerned to ensure the offer sample quality is maintained right through to the final shipment.

Our New Product Development Team drives a ‘Continuous Improvement Process’ in the laboratory under the auspices of highly experienced Senior Tea Tasters to meet the changing customer demands of the day.

We would like to form a mutually beneficial relationship with your organization.